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Equity Plan Solutions (EPS) offers a variety of stock plan consulting services, in three main areas: plan administration, stock plan accounting, and special projects.  We offer plan administration on numerous platforms, including Equity Edge Online, Solium Shareworks, CapMX, Carta, and Capshare. Our most common projects include vendor searches, system implementations, process and procedure review, recommendations and documentation, option exchanges, reprices, mergers, spin-offs, and stock splits.  Our goal is to streamline and simplify processes wherever possible to reduce the risk of error and improve results. 

We pride ourselves in our willingness to work with our clients to understand their needs fully and to develop the best solution for each client.  We are “a different kind of consulting firm” since our goal is to demystify, simplify, and train our clients so that someday when the internal bandwidth is available, they will be able to manage their stock plans in the most efficient way possible.

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