Pivot Tables


Pivot Tables are a quick and easy way to summarize and analyze your stock plan date. From expense to plan reserve balances, their uses are endless. 

Index Match

Still using vlookup? Index/Match will change your life! The syntax is more challenging, but once you master it, you'll never go back. Stop counting columns! Look up right to left!


Sumifs allow you to sum data conditionally, using a single data set, but slicing and dicing by any criteria in the data.  

Excel Converting a Date into a Real Date in Excel


How to convert a date exported from a system in general formatting into an properly formatted date in Excel.

Sumifs with Leading Zeroes


How to use Sumif when your data has leading zeroes.  

Updating Reconciliations (with Search & Replace)


Use the Search & Replace function in Excel to update a reconciliation without rewriting any formulas. 

Flux Analysis in EEO

How to do a "Flux Analysis" in Equity Edge Online, allowing you to categorize and explain changes in expense from period to period. 

Using Yearfrac()

A quick demo on how to use the yearfrac function in Excel specifically for calculating Weighted Average Remaining Contractual Term for outstanding options. (A required disclosure under ASC 718.)

Assigning Tranche Numbers

Some systems don't assign numbers to vest tranches or transactions. Here is a quick and easy way to assign them yourself to improve your recons.