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Equity Plan Solutions offers a variety of stock plan consulting services, in three main areas: plan administration, special projects, and stock plan accounting.  Our goal is to streamline and simplify processes wherever possible to reduce the risk of error and improve results.


Plan Administration

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We offer plan administration on numerous platforms, including Equity Edge Online, Solium Shareworks, CapMX, Carta, and Capshare. 


We provide the Plan Administration that fits your needs. It can be periodic support or full-time administration. And we work with the system that you have selected, not a system of our own.

Equity Plan Projects

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Our most common projects include vendor searches, system implementations, process and procedure review, recommendations and documentation, option exchanges, reprices, mergers, spin-offs, and stock splits.

Vendor Selection: EPS does not believe in large, complex and extensive RFP projects. We cut through the overhead by using a more effective and abbreviated RFP process. Leverage our extensive experience and network to find the solutions that are right for your company, your plans, and your participants.  EPS can objectively review your plans and requirements to find the solution that best fits your needs.  

System Implementation: Depending on the system you select, often EPS can do much of the implementation work for you, speeding up the process and leaving you the bandwidth for your "day job".  We have Equity Professionals that can get you up and running quickly and effortlessly.  Let our professionals work with your vendor to ensure your system is implemented timely and completely.


Transaction Processing & Reporting: IPOs, Mergers, Spins, Repricings, or Tender Offers, let EPS assist you with your special equity project.  Our Equity Plan Professionals specialize in managing these transactions.  


Review & Recommendations: We interview you and your internal partners, review your database, and read your process documentation to assess your processes and recommend changes and improvements to save time, money, and reduce risk.


Accounting for Equity Plans

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We can help with nearly every aspect of accounting for your stock plans, from option assumptions to disclosure reporting and everything in between.


Training: We can train you and your team how to derive assumptions, use your system, test your results, run the required reports and perform any needed calculations outside your system.

External Calculations: Not every system can perform every calculation, no matter which system you choose. Common external calculations with which we assist our clients are flux analyses, modification accounting, non-employee expense, ESPP expense, DTA balances, and non-mandatory disclosure items.


DTA Balance Proofs: A frequent auditor request for the last 7 years is to prove the Deferred Tax Asset balance created via a roll-forward method using a different data set, typically shares outstanding. EPS can perform this calculation in record time for a fraction of the cost other providers charge. We can even teach you how to perform the calculation yourself via a fairly simple spreadsheet process.


Software Support: For some systems, we can even answer questions about how and why the calculations work the way they work, even replicating the calculation in Excel and explaining the calculations (and why they are, or aren't, compliant with ASC 718) to your audit firm. 

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